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In the past years, the innovation of science and technology has transformed the structure of the industry thoroughly and animated the competition drastically. The customers have their level of value respectively. They ask for competitive price, rapid and effective service, high quality products and the peculiar service with bright personality.

Seven years ago, several technicians with different background noticed the tendency and founded UNIFIBON with their advantages. They specialize in three special chemistry products, i.e. the relevant material of the printing circuit board, the printing material of offset and the electroplating material of the precise component.

At the very beginning of the creation, we have located UNIFIBON as the connecter of the industrial chain. While thinking of the sales of the products, we put the customers at the center of our consider. Knowing that the customers need is the basis of our sales, we have set customer centers in SHANG HAI and CHONG QING separately in order to know them well. Meanwhile we have successively adjust the partners and the sales channel to meet the customer needs. Of course, the fastidious requirement of the products is our main concern all the time.

The special philosophy of management has made UNIFIBON developing steadily and more and more partners sharing the same opinions with us.